Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Men of Faith Who Inspire Me

There are many men of faith who inspire me. Two came to mind this morning when a friend sent met the video below. The first--who is the subject of the video--is is not as conventional as the second. However, this video captures what I felt in Ronald Reagan that is lacking in what I feel and sense from the current president. Some may feel a spirituality in Mr. Obama, but I cannot imagine hearing the words that Ronald Reagan speaks so eloquently and fluidly in this video coming from Mr. Obama. He would need a teleprompter to come anywhere near the command of the faith-filled language that Reagan masterfully delivers from his heart. This video illustrates for me what is missing in this current administration -- a sense of faith in God and of love for what has made this country so great for over 200 years.

The second man who inspires me still has been gone from this earth for over 17 years. But he is with me every day. In fact, I cannot look at a picture of Ronald Reagan without thinking of my Daddy. He was a man of strong faith and morals, and I miss him every day. I know this is Mother's Day weekend coming up, and I will honor my Mom shamelessly, but my Dad is on my mind this morning. So here's to the man who gave me life. He is my true hero.

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