Friday, May 18, 2012

I Finally Took Stock

I can't tell you how many times it has happened while we were at Home Depot that my husband says, "I wish I had stock in Home Depot." That wishful thinking struck a cord with me today as the hype about Facebook's initial public offering dominated the news. So, this evening, I did something that I have never done before -- I bought stock. Yes, I bought stock in Facebook.

The price for the small number of shares I bought is double the actual cost of the stock after the online company added in its fees.Facebook's stock may prove to be a huge "fail" in the coming months, or it could be that the value will go up. Time will tell.

Either way, it will be years before an individual share earns back the cost, fees and shipping charges that I paid. But it was all done for the nostalgia of it all -- purchased on May 18, 2012 -- setting a new volume record for an IPO ever.

Facebook's billionaire Zuckerberg opens trading on May 18, 2012

No, I did not buy shares in Facebook to get rich. Goodness knows I wouldn't want to be part of the dirty, filthy, depraved, thoughtless, self-absorbed, bigoted, racist, stingy 1%. Yeah, I wouldn't want to be wealthy or anything....
Occupy D.C.'s McPherson Square campsite in January 2012 

McPherson Square is right up the street from the White House. Speaking of the White House, do you think President Obama bought shares in Facebook today? We know that he has a few bucks to spare, and he likes having his face on things, and (of course) he has a Facebook page with lots of goodies for sale, including these fan favorites in stock:
Pootin-Tootin pull-my-finger-Obama
Official WH TP, usually bought along with the above doll
The W(h)iner President
All in good fun, my friends. All in good fun. . . .

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