Wednesday, March 5, 2014

There are some really creative videos that conservative news organizations put out from time to time that show just how ignorant is the vast majority of the population in this country who vote Democrat. From time to time I have posted some of the better ones here on my blog. The one that I am posting below is so typical that it just makes me shake my head.

We are still more than 2 1/2 years away from the next presidential election. The counter in my right blog's hand margin shows that we have still over a thousand days left in this current fascist regime. There is still time for America to wake up and see the destruction that has taken place since January 20, 2009. There is still time to show clearly that the shambles of the economy that we are currently suffering is all due to Obama and his minions. And that includes his girl Hillary.

When the woman in the video above says that there is a reason Obama put Hillary in the office of Secretary of State, I wish that someone could point out to her that there is a very good reason for that appointment: Obama believes in the old adage, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." With Hillary under his thumb, he could send her on all those junkets around the world and keep her (and he hoped, Bill) out of his hair. It worked. For four years. Until Benghazi. But that got glossed over, too.

Because Hillary was looking to pad her resume, she swallowed her pride and took the bait from Obama. Since then she has bided her time relatively quietly and minded her p's and q's. She refrained from criticism of Obama because he was not only her bread and butter but her path to 2016. It will not be long before we see Hillary Unleashed. Still, she knows if she moves too soon, she will saturate the voting world with her nauseating presence. So she is waiting for the opportune time to pounce.

At least there is some good news. Recent reports say that Hillary's health will not hold out for another 10 years. (If she is elected in 2016 and re-elected in 2020, she'd finish two-terms in 2024, at the age of 77, which is how old my mom is now. Not that Mom couldn't be a darn good president, having raised eleven fine children.) Hillary reportedly took a tumble in 2012 and hit her head, an incident that took her off the radar for several months. Some speculate that it was actually much worse than was being told. Was it a brain tumor? A year and a half later reports that she has a brain tumor are resurfacing, with more gravitas this time around. Apparently  the tumor was discovered during a colonoscopy. (I know, bad joke. But give credit to the National Report.)

So perhaps Hillary will come to her senses and opt out of 2016. Maybe she needs a grandchild or two to play with in her spare time. Bill might be able to arrange something there for Chelsea. Or, instead Hillary could just spend the rest of her life basking in the glory that being the wife of a pervert former President affords you. Talk about a brain tumor. She certainly has nothing memorable from her years as Secretary of State on which to rest her laurels. Her own supporters have attested to that.


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