Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Part Two: Secrets of the Vatican and Pope Francis

I just finished watching the PBS program Frontline: Secrets of the Vatican that I wrote about in my earlier posting today. I honestly do not think I can stand up at this very moment. My legs are weak, my stomach is churning, and I feel a tightness in my chest. I cried, literally, on two occasions as I watched this expose.

This is such an important video that have embed it here for those who are not inclined to go through the process of searching the PBS website for it. Please, watch it. It is 84 minutes long, so block out the time, hopefully uninterrupted, to absorb the magnitude of what is being presented here. (I cannot tell if the entire video is included here, but the link is below the screen so you should be able to access the rest in case it does not all embed here.)

When you have finished, I urge you to comment below. Did you have a similar reaction? Are you angry? Saddened? Confused? It presents topics for discussion that Catholics all over the world need to have.


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