Friday, February 21, 2014

Senator Elbert Guillory and Abortion

Today one of the top stories in the news was the startling fact that in New York City in 2012 the number of abortions of black babies surpassed the number of live births of black babies. What a tragedy. Why can the black community not see the horrific culture of death they have fallen for in recent years.

So tonight when I watched the video below that was sent to me by a friend, it really drove the point home for me. If you have not heard Senator Elbert Guillory from Louisiana explain why he switched from the Democrat party to the Republican party a few years ago, this video should rock you.

Senator Guillory hits the nail on the head. Our liberal society has made abortion mainstream by constantly screaming that conservatives want to take the "right to choose" away from you. It reminds me of the way you trick a child into doing something they don't want to do. Remember how Tom Sawyer tricked others into whitewashing his fence for him? If you tell someone they cannot do something or that someone is trying to take away their right to do it, then they are in defense mode and will fight to be able to do that thing, even if it kills them. So using this tactic--fear of deprivation--liberals have tricked their own supporters into killing their own babies by telling them its their right and that conservatives want to deprive them of it.

It is only with God's help that we will ever recover from the depravity that the liberal leaders have led us into over the last 5 decades. We have to pray, and pray hard, for more Senators like Elbert Guillory to be elected this Fall in the midterm elections. Men and women who can fluently and passionately articulate the conservative platforms and convince the poor and minorities of this country that their path to prosperity is through conservatism and not "me-centered" liberalism.


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