Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kentucky: The Best Places to Live

Hey, hey, all you voters in Kentucky! This is a different kind of vote. More of a ranking if you will. Rank the following Kentucky cities from 1 to 15 in the order you think that they provide the best place to live. When you finish, check out the pictures below for the answer compiled by Movoto blog. (Note: Okay, the first screen you can see below gives away the number 1 city, but try to guess the other 14 rankings.)

City of Jeffersontown
City of Fort Knox
City of Owensboro
City of Lyndon
City of Henderson
City of St. Matthews
City of Murray
City of Glasgow
City of Madisonville
City of Fort Thomas
City of Louisville

These Are The 10 Best Places In Kentucky
By Movoto Real Estate


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