Monday, March 24, 2014

Jimmy Carter Blames Pope for Rape and Trafficking of Women

As a Catholic voter, I can tell you it's a good thing that this former fruitcake President is not running for ANYTHING today because this voter would be out there campaigning against him at every turn. In fact I thought he was dead! He looks like he is. He must be 150 years old already.

I was only a teenager when this moron served one term as President, but the effects of his mismanagement and ineptitude are still being felt today. (Don't get me started on the bills he signed into law that required financial institutions to relax their criteria for screening home-ownership applicants. He's the reason the market crashed in 2008 -- because of the bubble created by his relaxation of lending laws, allowing unqualified people to get mortgages they could never hope to pay back.)

Now Carter is out there shooting his mouth off about Catholics, trying to sell his pitiful book. Carter basically opines that because the Pope says that women cannot be priests, women are now being raped, beaten, and enslaved by men all over this country. That's no joke. He actually says as much.

If I seem like I am coming down hard on the 89-year-old (I just Googled him to see if he was born born in the 20th century), then I admit that I am. Serving one-and-done as President does not entitle him or anyone else to start lobbing his distorted religious views on the rest of us, belittling my faith and making accusations that are a fiction of his own convoluted, self-aggrandizing thinking. Sure it's a free country, and even warped old men can speak their minds. But women who disagree with him can also tell him to get out of the limelight and stop trying to speak for us. I don't need a peanut farmer from Georgia to fight my battles. That's because my battle is with liberals like this hate-spewing, bigoted old man.

And here's a warning for old man Carter. You keep running your mouth about the Muslims and how they treat women and you won't have to promote your book. It will sell posthumously, after they come over and behead your peanut brain.

I feel better for speaking my piece.

Jimmy Carter's theme song

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