Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Laughing Adults Force Infant to Inhale Marijuana Smoke

In my last post I wrote about the beautiful brotherly love of two siblings whose parents have modeled for them what love is all about. Sadly, a disturbing video has gone viral, and it epitomizes the evil of a culture that has so turned away from God that it's doubtful that love will ever come to some children.  Here is the disturbing video (a Vine) showing adults encouraging and facilitating an infant in taking a drag from a marijuana joint. Worse yet, they laugh about the child inhaling the smoke.
Such behavior is unfathomable, and the crime they perpetrated against this child is unforgivable. I pray that these scoundrels are caught and put in jail for the rest of this child's life. He should never have to be subjected to their barbarian actions again.

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