Thursday, April 3, 2014

FAIL: Boy Gymnast Has Serious Mishap While Performing Floor Routine

I knew I should not have watched this video. I sat staring at the screen for a whole minute before I decided the answer to How bad can it be? was Not THAT bad. So I clicked play, and about 50 seconds into the video, I wished I had listened to the voice of reason. But since I didn't, I am going to share it with those of you who are not squeamish. If you ARE squeamish, do NOT watch this video.

(Here's a tip to figure out if you should watch or not. Remember last year in the NCAA tournament when Louisville Cardinals basketball player Kevin Ware broke his leg and it was nauseating to people who saw it? Same thing here. I still have never watched the video replay of that terrible moment. If you saw it and almost hurled, do not watch this one!)

This video gets my informed vote for the most disgusting sports injury I have seen since Joe Theisman's career-ending break. [CAUTION: Another video to avoid if you are squeamish!]

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