Saturday, April 5, 2014

How Facebook and Other Social Media Exposes You to Identity Theft

We all like to think that we are private people and that we protect ourselves from would-be identity thieves. Victory Girls blogger Kit Lange posted a piece earlier this week on how easy it is to find out information through social media. Then this morning I saw this video that really unsettles me even more.

I avoided Facebook for years, until last month, in fact. I thought I was making an informed decision when I launched my page last month. I may have changed my mind if I had seen this video before going on Facebook. Now I am among the ranks of the vulnerable.

What's more, even if adults do not use Facebook and the likes, our kids do. And they can lead thieves and other unsavory characters to us. I don't have a solution -- other than shuttin' it down completely.

What about you? Are you safe online? Is this the price we pay to live in a "free" society?


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