Thursday, November 3, 2016

Mysterious Disappearance of Steve Pieczenik's Website

Hours later, the website is still offline or in limbo. I wrote about this in my previous post after I discovered it this morning. I checked just now and the website is still not up. A search for what it means to get the blank page with the code "managed by puppet" usually indicates that it is a GoDaddy account. On the website "Brian Johnson Design" I found the following (screenshots):

That is almost exactly what the code looks like on Pieczenik's defunct page.

More from Brian Johnson's website on the subject:

I sent Brian Johnson an email through his website since he offers to look at a website and see if he can figure out why the error message is happening. We'll see if I get a response.

Brian indicates that there may not be anything that can be done. It can take weeks to resolve. Sometimes you have to call GoDaddy and ask to forcibly move the account that is stuck between an old hosting service and GoDaddy. Is this part of a conspiracy to take down Pieczenik's website and silence him until after the election--or permanently?

Pieczenik is supposed to appear on The Alex Jones Show tomorrow. We may have to wait until then to find out the answer to his mysterious website issue.

We Are at War: Steve Pieczenik's Stunning, Mindblowing Revelations

You probably remember the movies in the 1980s and 90s that starred Harrison Ford, based on the Tom Clancy novels Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, and The Sum of All Fears.

Well, the man who helped Clancy write those books and is the actual person on whom the character and stories are based is a man named Steve Pieczenik. I posted an earlier video of his a few days ago. Yesterday Pieczenik appeared on the Alex Jones Show via telephone, and what he reports is jaw dropping. You absolutely have to watch this and share it with every person you can forward it to. Our country's future hangs in the balance with what is about to transpire in the next 5 days. What Dr. Pieczenik has to say will blow your mind.

Yesterday Dr. Pieczenik's website was having trouble handling the traffic that was driven to it by the viral video I posted on Tuesday. Today the website is completely offline. Here is a screenshot:

Missing website
Have you ever seen a completely white screen with no explanation as to what happened to the content? 

All the webpage says is "pageok" in the upper left corner. 

Dr. Pieczenik is supposed to be on the Alex Jones Show tomorrow (Friday, November 4) for an hour. We will see what happens. Things are happening fast and furiously!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Racist Democrat Donors and Lying North Carolina Candidate Exposed

If you are a resident of North Carolina, or know someone who is, please share this video with them to expose the racism that is deeply ingrained in many of the donors to and candidates in the Democrat party. This latest Project Veritas video exposes two of those donors (Benjamin Barber and wife) and one of the North Carolina candidates (Deborah Ross, U.S. Senate Democrat candidate) who harbor race-based hatred and spew baseless lies. (Watch it quick before You Tube pulls it!)

Is This the Death Knell for Hillary Clinton and Her Minions?

I had no idea who Steve Pieczenik was until last night. But this video is astonishing. Share this as far and wide as you can.

The events of this morning and the last couple of days, with the release of documents by the FBI on its Twitter FOIA feed (which was inactive for a year until just the last few days).

Check out these documents that give clues about the murder of Vincent Foster by the Clintons in July of 1993:

Also, the documents related to the FBI investigation of Bill Clinton's last minute pardon of criminal Marc Rich as Clinton walked out the door on January 20, 1993. Note especially page 66 of the document released on 10/31/16 by the FBI and announced on its FOIA feed on Twitter

Most of the document is redacted, but here is a screenshot of a damning paragraph

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Danney Williams Deserves Justice and His Dignity from the Clinton Duo

I watched the press conference that Danney Williams, son of Bill Clinton, held the night of the last presidential debate - October 19, 2016. (Fast forward video to 37 minute mark.) All he wants is to be acknowledged by his father and his stepmother. But the woman who wants to be President of the United States and the man who once was President both refuse to allow this handsome, abandoned, good-hearted young man the dignity that he deserves -- by acknowledging his true identity.

But Danney has friends, and some of them produced a video calling on HillaryHillaryHillary to give Danney his due. Check it out.