Friday, March 13, 2015

Please Help Jaelan Sanford Fulfill His Dream!

As a Catholic Voter, I am competitive. And I am here to ask for your help, Treasured Readers.

A dear family friend is in a battle to fulfill the dream of his young life. Jaelan Sanford is a senior in high school in Evansville, IN. He can win tickets to go to the Final Four in Indianapolis in a few weeks if he wins an online contest at, sponsored by American Family Insurance.

Jaelan currently has a lead in this final round, but his opponent has cut the lead by 15 percentage points since just last night. Each of these young men has won three rounds to get to this final round, so the lead that Jaelan has right now can evaporate completely in just hours.

Please consider going to the link above and voting for a wonderful young man to fulfill his dream. You can vote every day from now until next Tuesday, March 17. You can even Tweet your vote and let others know you voted. Add me into your tweet as @CatholicVoter1!

And while you are there on the website voting for Jaelan, feel free to click over to the slam dunk contest. I encourage you to vote there for Kyle Ahrens, who is a good Christian student from Ohio battling for his own trip to the Final Four.

The winner will be announced on March 18, which just happens to be my birthday!

Please pass along this request! Thanks for your consideration!