Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rivalries Do Not Have to Keep Us Apart

Many moons ago when I was a teacher of junior high, one of the schools where I taught had an annul play that the 7th and 8th graders would put on. One year they performed the classic musical by Rogers and Hammerstein called Oklahoma. I doubt many people born after 1970 have ever seen the musical. But the original movie production (starring Shirley "Partridge" Jones) has some unforgettable classic song and dance routines. One of my favorites is the song "Territory Folk Should Stick Together," otherwise known as "Oh the Farmer and the Cowman Should Be Friends." Here is a YouTube video of the rowdy song.


 A few years later another musical came out that also featured a rivalry -- this time it was between two local gangs, the Jets and the Sharks. The opening number of Westside Story in 1961 introduced the rival gangs in a classic dance scene that simulated fighting through dance. 

Now, if you took the time to watch those two videos in their entirety, you are nearly 15 minutes into this blog post. If you skipped the videos, that's okay too. I'm not asking you to vote on which you prefer: the Cowman or the Farmer? or the Jets over the Sharks?

Kasi (left) and Mtani (right)
Instead, I thought of these two classic rivalries earlier today when I saw a story that actually came out a few months ago. It was in the UK Daily Mail, and featured an animal friendship between a cat and a dog. In fact, the article was titled "Who said cats and dogs can't be friends?" The story features some amazing pictures of these unlikely companions in Tampa, Florida.Kasi the Cheetah and Mtani the Labrador are inseparable, and their friendship shows that even natural enemies can find common ground.

So, my only question is this: which would Mtani prefer as a chew toy: an antler or a ChurpiChew? These rival treats can co-exist side by side on the same store shelf or in your cupboard.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Third Times Charms? Bill Maher Again Agrees with Conservatives

Once was a fluke.

Twice was a mind boggler.

Three times is scary.

I'm not trying to be cryptic. It's just that Bill Maher is not someone with whom I am accustomed to seeing eye-to-eye. In fact, I detest almost everything that he stands for. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. But three times?

The most recent Bill Maher video that has my head spinning is below.

Why do liberals still insist on protecting the radical factions that have high-jacked their professed religion? The profession of Muslims who say that their religion is based on peace comes into question when the most visible Muslims are terrorists, without question. For liberals to stand behind Muslims who profess peace but do not deliver, stands in stark opposition to the observable actions of radical Muslims on the world stage. It is beyond me.

The terrorist actions of radical Muslims is the one thing that we could come together on in this country in a time when we are divided along every possible line. And therein lies the answer -- division for the sake of division. Liberals could never attract the Muslim vote on the merits of what they practice and profess -- everything about liberals is anathema to the Muslim world. So instead, liberals boost Islam and condemn conservatives who point out the hypocrisy of radical terrorists who happen to be Muslims.

Bill Maher sees the lies that liberals are living. When will the rest of the liberal followers open their eyes?


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Woman Shares Abortion Video to Entice More Women to Abort

This video is being promoted today by pro-abortion advocates. The woman who filmed herself (from the waist up) having an abortion and enjoying it works at an abortion clinic. So, she decided to be a walking advertisement for her trade.

So this woman named Emily is advertising her sins in order to attract more women to perform the same reviling sinful act. She whitewashes the procedure by selfishly referring only to herself and how it makes her feel. She does not mention whatsoever the life that she is so callously and sinfully snuffing out. She does not mention the man whose sperm contributed half of the DNA that created this life. She never speculates on the pain that being ripped apart causes to the innocent baby growing inside her. And she does not let her audience see the remains of her baby or the process by which the child is brutalized while she is smiling devilishly in her relaxed position. It's no wonder she feels no guilt after the procedure -- if you have no conscience then there is no guilt to be felt.

I wonder if pro-abortion Emily has ever seen the video below. Since she works in an abortion clinic, she probably has seen only the bits and pieces from the dessicated corpses of babies that are murdered and extracted by suction during an abortion. But the video below indisputably proves that that "thing" inside a woman's body is a living entity, capable if living for some time (albeit short without placental support) outside the woman's body.

That video was reportedly made after a car accident in which the entire amniotic sac protecting the baby was extracted from the mother's body. Sadly, I do not know whether the mother lived or died in that instance. Nor is it clear where the video was filmed. From the language being spoken, it is likely not in the United States.

After watching that disturbing but enlightening video, take a few minutes and watch this video taken inside an Arizona abortion clinic. It starts with snippets from the testimony last year of a Planned Parenthood spokesperson trying to convince Congressmen to reinstate funding for Planned Parenthood.The lying woman testifying before the committee members feigns innocence and ignorance about the specifics of how babies born alive are treated. It's shocking how she can stand there with a straight face and bold-face lie to members of t-our country's legislature. But then again, this is more proof that lack of a conscience also means lack of feelings of guilt.

Yes, I am being judgmental. But I am convinced in this area of human interaction I am right. I side with Pope Francis in a tweet that he made today.

Now you can film your own hidden camera videos and expose the truth.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Video with Profound Message: Turn off Your Phone and Look Up!

It's not likely that you will see some one's video and have them tell you to stop watching the video and turn off your electronic device. But that is precisely what this young man has done. The great thing is that I found it on Facebook -- and it has over 17,000,000 views so far.

I only joined Facebook two months ago, mostly so that I could promote my online business. I have yet to get that opportunity since my website is still in development. I hope that if you, my Readers, leave social media behind, you will still stop in and shop at my website,, when I get it up and running really soon!!