Tuesday, October 18, 2016

O'Keefe Video Exposes Hillary Corruption as She Condones Tactics Baiting Trump Supporters

This is what Hillary Clinton's Democrat Party Machine is doing and has been doing for years. It is absolutely beyond the pale. James O'Keefe from Project Veritas has once again exposed not just the dark underbelly of the Democrat Party, but the lengths to which their disgusting operatives will go to steal this election. It makes me physically ill.

In the video below, the Democrat Party has now been exposed without any doubt as intentionally provoking riots at Trump rallies and then blaming the people who respond to the attacks in self-defense. I shouldn't be surprised at these scorched earth tactics since the Clintons have left a long trail of death, bodily harm and destruction in their wake over the last 40 years. But what is most troubling is that the media in this country will not report this at all. They are protecting Hillary, which makes them complicit and guilty for all the actions which they fail to report.

Depicted below are the sinister "Players" on Hillary's side who are initiating this corrupt war against America.

If we are to have a chance for a fair election four weeks from today, we have to spread the news about the filthy tactics and underhanded "anything goes" attitude that Hillary Clinton embraces and eschews.

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