Monday, October 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Proof of Her Illegal Campaign Activities

It just keeps getting better -- or worse, depending on whether you are a Hillariphile or a Hillary-hater.

James O'Keefe just released part III of his brilliant videos that should -- in a true nation of laws -- take down Hillary Clinton and her band of thugs. She has incontrovertibly violated countless campaign laws, as this next video demonstrates.

Crooked Hillary and her minions scream about Citizens United and how that revered Supreme Court ruling has affected campaign finance. They wail that reform is needed to stop "dirty money" from being spent on Republican campaigns. But now it is proven that she personally has trampled upon the election laws that say political action committees cannot have direct contact with a candidate and her campaign.

Who is ducking now? Quite obviously, it is Dirty, Nasty, Crooked Hillary wearing the duck suit.

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