Monday, July 21, 2014

True Freedom in Christian Anthropology

Yesterday I went to Mass at St. John the Beloved in McLean, Virginia. Our seminarian-in-residence for the summer authored a brilliant piece that was published in the parish bulletin. I am including it below as it is one of the simplest explanations of a complex subject that I have ever read. Please, please take time to read it.

This explanation of what true freedom is about, with regard to the immersion into sin that befalls those who do not have a God-centered view of life and freedom, is also behind the actions of people like those in my post earlier today. In those two videos we saw the actions of two people who both maliciously and willfully interrupted the peaceful and lawful protests of Christians who sought only to draw attention to those whose rights are truly being trampled through abortion -- the unborn.

I pray for people like Mississippian Mike Peters and the violent, angry Ohio woman. May their hearts be converted and may they come to understand what true freedom is all about.

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