Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Tragic Phenomenon of Children Being Herded Like Cattle Across Our Southern Border

The travesty that is happening at our southern border evidences the epic failure of the Obama administration's immigration policy. Obama's choice not to enforce the laws of our country has resulted in the influx of hundreds of thousands of people from Central and South America through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Yesterday Brandon Darby was in Laredo, Texas, and he posted the two videos below showing what is going on in that border town.

Now, unless the border authorities sit there in their patrol cars 24-7, there is no way to stop these swimmers from waiting and trying again in an hour or a day or a week. They are below one of two bridge crossings, presumably with border entries and guards just above them. It looks like there are several whole families trying to cross down river from where this is taking place. And three men in between as well.

Google maps show the relation of these two bridges.

This is the location from where the video above was shot, closer to the river. It appears to be a pedestrian bridge.

This is a closer screenshot (from the road) of the second bridge where vehicles cross the river.

Evidently these crossings are not an unusual occurrence. Witness the next video showing the local Laredo Greyhound bus station overcrowded with primarily Hispanic men, women and children sleeping on the floor. Apparently they are waiting for buses. If they lived in Laredo, why would they get to the bus station so early that they have to camp out? No, these are border crossers, and they are sleeping there because they have nowhere to go while they wait for buses to take them to relatives or friends who are already in the United States.

The Google map below shows the section of Laredo where these two bridges are located.

You can see from the map where these particular crossings are occurring that the Mexican side is not a desert area. It is not destitute. It has streets and buildings and other accommodations and necessities. The people entering illegally into the U.S. from Mexico at this location are not deprived, starved, wretched people fearing for their lives in Central America. Wanting a "better life" is understandable. However, there is a vehicle bridge and a pedestrian bridge within a few hundred yards of each other. If these people want to come to United States, they should do so legally, like the people using the bridges.

 Now, I want you to look back up at the last map. Take a good look and see if anything odd pops out at you. Here are a a couple of other maps that should bring home my point.

I know the print on these maps is small, but do you spot it? When I first started Googling Laredo for this story, I was confused at the name of the river showing up on the Google maps. Since my earliest school days I had always been taught that the river forming the border between the U.S. and Mexico is the Rio Grande. So when I saw "Rio Bravo" as the moniker for the entire length of that border river on Google, I literally looked up the Rio Grande to see if I was delusional. Although Wikipedia is not an authority to trust for scholarly works, for something this simple I trust its accuracy.

It turns out that Rio Bravo is the "Spanish name" for the river. What? The "Spanish name"? Is not Rio Grande Spanish? What Google means is that the Mexicans call the river the Rio Bravo. So Google has chosen to confuse not only me but undoubtedly every school child in America who looks up the U.S.-Mexico border river on a Google map.

Or does Google know something that we do not? Are there more Mexicans Googling "Rio Bravo" such that Google felt it was necessary to ascribe the "Spanish name" for the river on its map? Or perhaps this is Common Core at work. If so, all the more reason to chuck the systematized indoctrination.


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