Monday, July 21, 2014

Life: The Most Important Inalienable Right at ALL Stages

Anyone who thinks that an unborn child is just a bunch of unrecognizable cells while in the mother's uterus should watch this video.

Warning: This video is necessarily extremely graphic. It is real. It is heart-breaking.

These children will never get the chance to be embraced in the arms of their mothers or fathers or siblings. They died because their mothers and their mothers' doctors (or other medical personnel) did not want these babies to live.The fact that babies continue to move even after being extracted prematurely from their mothers' bodies is unfathomable. All of these babies are brutally terminated before they have the chance to live as God intended.

If a woman with an ounce of love in her heart really stopped to think about the images in this film, she could NEVER choose abortion, regardless of how she was impregnated.

Let us pray: Dear Heavenly Father, please let all women who become pregnant realize that they are carrying a gift from You inside their wombs. Break through the selfishness or the shame or the fear or whatever drives women to decide that the child within their womb does not have a God-given right to life that trumps their man-made "right" to purge their womb of Your gift. Let all women around the world Respect Life, most especially the vulnerable, fragile life that may come to grow within their wombs. AMEN.

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