Monday, May 12, 2014

Third Times Charms? Bill Maher Again Agrees with Conservatives

Once was a fluke.

Twice was a mind boggler.

Three times is scary.

I'm not trying to be cryptic. It's just that Bill Maher is not someone with whom I am accustomed to seeing eye-to-eye. In fact, I detest almost everything that he stands for. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. But three times?

The most recent Bill Maher video that has my head spinning is below.

Why do liberals still insist on protecting the radical factions that have high-jacked their professed religion? The profession of Muslims who say that their religion is based on peace comes into question when the most visible Muslims are terrorists, without question. For liberals to stand behind Muslims who profess peace but do not deliver, stands in stark opposition to the observable actions of radical Muslims on the world stage. It is beyond me.

The terrorist actions of radical Muslims is the one thing that we could come together on in this country in a time when we are divided along every possible line. And therein lies the answer -- division for the sake of division. Liberals could never attract the Muslim vote on the merits of what they practice and profess -- everything about liberals is anathema to the Muslim world. So instead, liberals boost Islam and condemn conservatives who point out the hypocrisy of radical terrorists who happen to be Muslims.

Bill Maher sees the lies that liberals are living. When will the rest of the liberal followers open their eyes?


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