Friday, April 18, 2014

SFGate Compares Pelosi to Pope Francis

A picture prominently displayed on the SFGate website shows San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi assisting a minister in washing to feet of an immigrant at a Holy Thursday service last night.  

Notice the halo? That's because the story on the website compared Saint Nancy's actions to those of Pope Francis. Last year while presiding over his first Holy Week Triduum services, the new Pontiff broke with tradition by washing the feet of disabled persons rather than sticking with the tradition of washing the feet of priests at the liturgy. The Pope can do that, since it is he who is legislator, judge, and executor of the Church's law. Not so with Saint Nancy.

What the SFGate story mentions only in passing is that the photo of Pelosi was taken not at a Catholic service but rather at an Episcopal church service. Why is a woman who, at every opportune time, pronounces herself to be a devout Catholic, "assisting" at an Episcopal service? It's the photo op that she is seeking, naturally. If photographers had not been there, Pelosi would not have any interest in flouting Catholic teaching in a way at which she has grown so proficient.

That's right, this is not the first time she has flouted Catholic teaching. Ironically, Pelosi  is always saying that religion and politics should not mix. She must have added a caveat, however. They mix when there is a photo op that will elevate her in the eyes of her deluded San Francisco constituency.

Today is Good Friday. Catholic churches all over the country generally have Stations of the Cross in the afternoon and a Good Friday service in the evening. The question is, will we see on tomorrow's SFGate website a photo of Saint Nancy carrying a cross through the Streets of San Francisco? You can be sure it will only happen if there is a photographer there.


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