Saturday, March 29, 2014

Top Two Social Media Epic Fails of the Week: Paltrow and Colbert

At the end of February I wrote about three epic Fails using social media that have brought unwanted negative attention to attention-seekers. Now, at the end of March, I can add two more Fails to the list. And there will no doubt be more to follow since so many morons use social media and do not think before they post or speak.

The first Fail is the widely publicized sad (sniffle) story of Gwyneth Paltrow and her break up "conscious uncoupling" from husband-of-ten-years Chris Martin. The "conscious uncoupling" is a fail, but not the capital-f "Fail." Rather, it was Paltrow's comments this past week that result in the "Fail" being ascribed. Paltrow basically said that her life as an actress is more difficult than the life of a mother working a nine-to-five job. Paltrow made the comments during an interview with an entertainment network, but it was social media that labeled her comment as disrespectful of the average working mother and spread it like wildfire through cyberspace. So Gwyneth gets the "Fail" to accompany her "fail."

Fail number two of the week goes to another celebrity personality who makes a living mocking and taunting those who disagree with his distorted view of the world. His Fail this week is far more disgusting than Paltrow's because not only does he cast the blame for his Fail on his employees, but he also has liberal media coming to his defense, speaking for him to deflect blame and protect him from the social media outcry of "Colbert is a racist."

Briefly, Colbert has a show where he pretends to be a conservative pundit, and he says outlandish things and interviews guests in a distorted mocking way as if he was a conservative. That's all well and good. Free speech and all. But if you are going to hide behind the First Amendment banner, you should have the guts to accept responsibility for your actions and your speech.

On one of his shows this week Colbert was reporting on Washington Redskin's owner, Dan Snyder, and his refusal to change the team name to something other than Redskin. (This has been a three decade battle and Snyder remains unbending.) Rather than accepting that Dan Snyder also has First Amendment rights, Colbert and other liberals continue to harass and mock and demean the choice of the owner to retain the team name. Dan Snyder had announced that has established a foundation to aid Native Americans, and Colbert was intending to mock the show of good will from the well-intentioned team owner.

The controversy causing the epic Fail came after the show ended. Here is how the liberal rag WaPo described the events:
During the last day (Thursday-Friday), Stephen Colbert, who by this point counts as a comedic warhorse for liberalism, has been on blast for a Tweet from the account for his show. The missive has since been taken down, but while it was live, it read: “I am willing to show #Asian community I care by introducing the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever.” Shocking, to be sure, but the target seemed to be fairly clear (especially when viewed in context): Redskins’ owner Dan Snyder had just announced, with astonishing audacity, his jaw-droppingly named Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation, an obvious attempt to blunt criticism of his team’s name. But writer and activist Suey Park decided that bringing Asians and Asian-Americans in on the satire was a misstep, calling on Comedy Central to “#CancelColbert.”
Deservedly, Colbert was hit from his own left by slams for the Asian community, who found his tweet insulting and racist, and called for his show to be cancelled. In response, yellow-bellied Colbert responded by saying it was not HE who had tweeted the insult, but someone from his staff. He pointed to his PERSONAL Twitter account and said, "See, it wasn't ME who said it." But as is always the case when an underling tweets or speaks in your name, it stands to reason that the underling thought the principal would approve. That's because had there not been an uproar, Colbert would certainly have claimed credit for the unfunny remark.

Colbert's epic Fail is that he conveys to his staff that he approves of and enjoys racist remarks, but when his feet are held to the fire, he hypocritically DENIES any responsibility. Stephen, your gonads are shrinking. Own your Fail!

 In the end, liberals all alike. Same face, same story, same elitism. They shouldn't even try to hide it.

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