Sunday, March 23, 2014

Three Strikes and You're IN, as Long as You Are a Tenured Lesbian Public School Teacher

Some stories just make you shake your head and bow your head in prayer. The one I read today makes me pray that the world will soon right itself, as I fear we have turned upside down.

Mauro and Brito
Photo from NY Daily News
The troubling news comes out of a Manhattan Appellate Court. I shouldn't be all that surprised seeing as to how so much liberal crap comes out of New York. The story happened in January of 2011 and involves two lesbian (strike 1) tenured (strike 2) public school teachers (strike 3). One was a 38-year-old French teacher (Mauro) and the other a 34-year-old Spanish teacher (Brito). (They don't call them romance languages for nothing!)

It seems that these women were caught by the janitor after hours engaging in a sexual act in a classroom of the school building while a school function was going on in the building. The women claim they did nothing wrong. The had left school and gone to a bar, then returned to school for the event. One of them, they claim, then needed so get something to eat to raise her blood sugar level. How that explains their nudity from the waist up when they were caught is beyond me. The school system fired the women, and they sued.

Now, three years later, a five-judge appellate panel has ruled that firing these women was too harsh. They called the firing of the women "shockingly disproportionate." After all, says the panel, they didn't HAVE to come to the school that night for the event. It was optional. They were going above and beyond the call of duty in coming. I guess that's one way of describing their outrageous behavior.

So, the lesbian tenured public school teachers will get their jobs back, and get back pay, no doubt. Three strikes and they're back in, all for coming out and letting it all hang out. They will return to teach some lucky, hungry little minds in New York.

Speaking of strikes, I can say that lightning would have to strike me (twice) before I would live in New Your, much less send my kids there for school.

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