Wednesday, August 13, 2014

When No Means No, Yes Means Yes, and Fifty Shades of Gray Means "Meh"

Can someone please explain to me how the following two stories can co-exist, even in the liberal progressive world?

This past Sunday and before, stories out of California have reported that the legislature in that liberal bastion is ready to pass a law that says "only YES means yes." It is purportedly a corollary to "No means no." It tells college students that when it comes to sexual encounters, there must be an affirmative acceptance to what is about to happen from both parties. Either a verbal okay or an affirmative nod of the head has to be signaled in order for the festivities to progress. Isn't that special?

Now, that attempt in California to legislate sexual behavior comes at the same time as the second story: Live Action catching Planned Parenthood employees on camera encouraging minors to engage in sadomasochistic behavior.

So here is the question: When the law in many states provides for crimes such as statutory rape, where children under a certain age are presumed to be unable to consent to sexual intercourse, how can a Planned Parenthood employee get away with telling a fifteen year old that she can consent to whips and chains and beatings and other abnormal activities? Is this not a crime in and of itself? How can a child consent to behavior when s/he does not even know what it entails? What is wrong with the world?

I don't get it. And I don't think I want to. As long as my stepdaughters know right from wrong and Yes from No, that is about all I have the strength and the inclination to worry about.

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